Sniper Wild – Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix Guide

Sniper Wild – Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix Guide


KH 1.5 Final Mix – Traverse Town – Miniboss: ‘Sniperwild’ (Using Mushu Only)

That is a lot of tech exp from these pesky Heartless monkeys.

Kingdom Hearts Final Mix: How to easily defeat Sniper Wilds

A friend of mine asked me for tips, to help him on how to defeat these little devils easily, so I had filmed it with my phone, thing is I forgot that the PS4 could’ve recorded instead, so I did this one handed, so this should show you how easy this really is with this method.
Basically just stand where I am on the video, and let them come to you and you should be able to easily beat them. Be aware that they won’t always drop Power Stones. so you will need to grind them for a bit.

Kingdom Hearts 1.5: Sniperwild strategy

Using Dumbo on Sniperwilds is pretty effective. You can lock onto a solo Sniperwild with him but don’t do it when there are multiple. Instead you can spin in circles until they are destroyed. After a set is finished you can back away far enough so you can leave the fight and summon again. The more MP you have the better along with the ability Cheer. Everyone has Cheer equipped here and Sora is at 8 MP. Exp Zero is equipped.

Kingdom Hearts Final Mix (PS4): Sniper Wild Guide

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