Sifu Review

Sifu Review

REVIEW: Sifu is Game Of The Year

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It’s hard to imagine liking another game this year as much as I like Sifu.

My deathless run:

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Sifu – Easy Allies Review

Sifu is a challenging game that rewards perseverance with a combat system for the ages.

Written by Michael Huber
Video Edited by Don Casanova
Reviewed on PlayStation 5
Available on PC, PS4, and PS5

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Martial Artists REACT to Sifu | Experts React

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In this episode of Experts React, martial artists Gemma and Noah watch SIFU and compare the Sifu’s powerful hits, projection, brushes, combos, and dodges to the real-life movements!

In Sifu, you play as a young kung fu apprentice on a quest for revenge as he hunts down those who murdered his family. Alone against all, no one can help him and his enemies are many. He will have to rely on his unique mastery of kung fu as well as a mysterious pendant to overcome obstacles and preserve his legacy.
Gemma Nguyen:
Noah Fleder:…
01:20-Sifu’s Combos
03:57-The Slums
09:12-The Museum
Gameplay by Gamology
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Sifu – Before You Buy

Sifu (PC, PS5, PS4) is an action combat game with challenging and creative twists. How is it? Let’s talk.
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