Lost Kingdom Purple Coins – Super Mario Odyssey Guide

Lost Kingdom Purple Coins – Super Mario Odyssey Guide

The Lost Kingdom has a total of 50 regional purple coins. Find out all their locations with this Lost Kingdom Purple Coins

Super Mario Odyssey – Lost Kingdom ALL 50 REGIONAL COIN LOCATIONS! [100% Guide]

Learn where to find all 50 Regional Coins in the Lost Kingdom (Forgotten Isle) of Super Mario Odyssey with this 100% guide and visual tutorial on Nintendo Switch!
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The Lost Kingdom, in Super Mario Odyssey, holds 50 Regional Coins (Kingdom Coins) hidden throughout the entire level. If you have access to the Wedding Bowser Amiibo, he’ll be able to point you in the right direction! If you don’t have the Wedding Bowser Amiibo, then this visual tutorial is the right thing for you!

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Lost Kingdom Purple Coin Guide ll Super Mario Odyssey: Road to 100%

Here’s a full guide for every single purple coin in the lost kingdom! 🙂

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Super Mario Odyssey: Lost Kingdom – All 50 Purple Coins Locations Guide | Walkthrough!

With these 50 purple leaf-shaped coins for Forgotten Isle, you can buy all of the following at the Crazy Cap shop!
Swim Goggles
Lake Kingdom Sticker
Rubber Dorrie
Underwater Dome

I’ve made this in a way that it’ll be really easy to follow! If you’re looking for a tutorial on how to get these special / regional star coins then look no further. Read the description for more details.
The order I collected the purple leaf shaped coins in this video isn’t exactly the best / correct / chronological, but the order isn’t too spread out so it’s ok to follow my steps. You can 100% find the leaf coins easily. There is a total of 100 coins for Forgotten Isle. Some of the locations of the coins I listed in this video aren’t really in that specific area because I always chose the best or fastest route or spot to find the coins. Some of them are just my preferences.

For example, coins 35 – 38 are in the Swamp Hill area but I listed them in the Mountainside Platform area because it’s faster to get (or my preference). Overall, the coins in this kingdom are not that hard to find.

If you have any suggestions on how to make these guides / videos better, feel free to leave a comment! Any suggestions / feedback are highly appreciated.

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZppXxgZWk-k &list=PLvc9sJVJ9uzwIJBah6VKIq92zCnd5lrH-


Timestamps for 1st to last checkpoints:
Starting Area / Odyssey – 5 coins
Coins 1 – 3: 00:02
Coins 4 – 5: 00:36

Swamp Hill – 25 coins
Coins 6 – 7: 01:00
Coins 8 – 11: 01:20
Coins 12 – 14: 01:34
Coins 15 – 19: 01:58
Coins 20 – 21: 02:29
Coins 22 – 24: 02:47
Coins 25 – 30: 03:04

Mountainside Platform – 11 coins
Coins 31 – 32: 03:32
Coins 33 – 34: 03:59
Coins 35 – 38: 04:12
Coins 39 – 41: 04:36

Rocky Mountain Summit – 9 coins
Coins 42 – 43: 05:04
Coins 44 – 46: 05:31
Coins 47 – 50: 05:52

Crazy Cap Shop:


I hope this guide / tutorial / walk through helps you complete the collectibles / coins / stars / leaves whatever you wanna call them.

I used a capture card (Avermedia Live Gamer Extreme) to record this video. There are some micro stutters here and there but nothing gamebreaking. I tried to fix it but failed.

Thanks for watching!

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