Golzuna – Metroid Dread Guide

Golzuna – Metroid Dread Guide

This page contains information on how to defeat the eighth boss in Metroid Dread, Golzuna. This boss is located in Ghavoran, and can be found after restoring

Metroid Dread-Golzuna Boss Fight

Metroid Dread What to do after defeat boss Golzuna (Gameplay)

Metroid Dread What to do after defeat boss Golzuna simple explanation how to go through the next room using the new acquire power…

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NOTE: Making a updated video soon

I made the fastest and most consistent quick kill of Golzuna. With 4 Shine sparks. Tricky third shinespark. but very doable. Realized ive been recording double tracks so audio is all weird.

BACKUP STRAT: let him charge you into the corner. slide under and hug his butt for the 3rd spark setup if you mess it up the first time.

UPDATE: There is a slightly faster method. But I do not recommend you learn it until you are comfortable with the fight. it require meaty hits on golzuna as he spawns and if you mess up. the quick kill setup will fail. But it is quite fast and worth learning only AFTER you master my method. My method is very consistent and can be done fairly reliably. with as big of a window of success as I can provide you with.

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Golzuna Boss Fight – Full Narrated Guide – Metroid Dread

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Golzuna is a pretty boring boss fight. Just keep charging shots, sliding through its legs, and avoiding the orbs. Not much else to it.

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