Character Ability Guide – LEGO Dimensions Guide

Character Ability Guide – LEGO Dimensions Guide

As with any LEGO game, many Collectibles and special areas can only be accessed by characters, vehicles, or gadgets with specific abilities. Unlike other LEGO

ALL Lego Dimensions Characters with Illumination Abilities

ALL Lego Dimensions Characters with Illumination Abilities

List of Lego Dimensions Characters with Illumination Abilities
– Newt Scamander
– Tena Goldstein
– Hermione Granger
– Harry Potter
– Lord Voldemort
– Gandalf the Grey
– Wicked Witch
– ACU Trupper
– Shaggy
– Chaise Mccain
– Robin
– Jake the dog
– E.T.
– Data
– Slimer
– The Green Ninja

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LEGO Dimensions – 100% Complete Guide – Once Upon a Time Machine in the West (All Minikits)!

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Time Stamps –
3:24 – Rescue Clara Clayton Mission – watering ability required
3:49 – Minikit #1 – Requires Gold Brick Melting Ability and flight
4:50 – Minikit # 2 – Requires Watering ability
6:19 – Minikit #3 – Smash Five tables (4:15) (4:23) (5:43) (6:15)
6:27 – Minikit #4
Minkits 5-8 Require the Delorean to access a new area
7:07 – Minikit #5
8:56 – Minikit #6 – Hatch character required
9:40 – Minikit #7 – X-Ray ability required
10:35 – Minikit #8 – Computer ability required
13:07 – Minikit #9
13:29 – Minikit #10 – Portal Gun required

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The Beginner’s Guide to LEGO Dimensions

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