Story Seed: A Wyld Accord


An Anathema who came from fine Dragon-Blooded stock Exalted on the Blessed Isle and escaped with the help of a childhood friend. The Anathema’s father organized a most unusual Wyld Hunt to bring back his child alive. He formed a secret sworn kinship made up of those he trusted most with this mission. None of them knew the true reason why he wanted his offspring returned alive; they just followed the command.

Some of the kinship struggled with what would happen when they caught up to their prey. Would they help the Anathema escape, or would they follow the orders of his father? Would they listen to the Immaculate teachings and just put down the enemy? These questions weighed on the kinship as they hunted their old friend.

They finally locate and corner the Anathema in a wasteland that was once a glorious city. There is nowhere to run and no option but to fight. In the heat of battle, the ground gives way, trapping the entire group underground in the lower levels of a long forgotten first age manse. Immediately, the group is under assault by a foe that does not discriminate between the two Exalt types. The Kinship and Solar must form a fragile alliance in order to survive and find their way back to the surface.

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