Story Seed: Salt

On the southern coast of the Inland Sea, the glittering glass city of Chiaroscuro dwells under an uneasy truce between the living and the dead.  The city of fallen towers is riddled with small-but-potent shadowlands, each encompassed by thick and vital salt lines that keep the dead contained, and the living citizens of the broken metropolis understand just how important those mystic barriers are.  But just as a new Sworn Kinship has arrived in the city – graciously allowed by Grandmother Bright to set up their quarters in the Plaza – someone has been tampering with the precious salt lines: laying down new corridors for the dead to travel, and leading them directly to supposed targets of assassination.  Nobles have been slain by hungry ghosts, and members of the Tri-Khan’s personal guard have been possessed by the dead.  In desperation, the Tri-Khan enlists the aid of the recently arrived Dragon-Bloods – members of a new southern Wyld Hunt – to find out exactly what is happening and bring a stop to it, but as they begin their investigation, they face opposition from a most unexpected source. 

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  1. This is a really intriguing story hook! I’ve been reading up on Chiaroscuro for the next part of The Uncrucified and learning subtle little ins and out like this help me wrap my brain around how people live in such a vast city alongside magic, tech, and more. This might be something I could utilize further along in the plot though. Good stuff! Keep it coming!

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