Story Seed: Exploring a Lost World

Story Seed:  Exploring a Lost World

Concept: A strange island, long forgotten to time and memory, has suddenly and inexplicably resurfaced. Legends tell of artifacts and machines of supreme might lying dormant, of strange and eldritch powers waiting to be claimed. Few have heard the rumors of the island’s return, and even fewer place any credence in the story. But the promise of reward is too much for some noble Houses, and envoys are sent to plunder the unspoiled riches which sleep on the island.

Example:  Your House is a proud House. Small, but proud. But also small. Did we mention that it’s small? So, when rumors begin to circulate that the Caul has resurfaced, your House cannot afford not to send someone to investigate. Either your House’s bloodline has waned in the past years, or your resource pool has dimished. Regardless, the Caul holds power of such an extent, it can bring your House back into political and martial relevance.

Your group sets off on a merchant ship, under the guise of traders seeking new wares to peddle at the market. During your journey to the Caul, you are beset by pirates and rivals trying to reach the island before you can claim everything of value.

Once there, you set off into the untamed terrain, searching for whatever relics of the last age are still ripe for the taking. But there are other things waiting… Dread beasts of forgotten times, strange spirits who have harbored malice for far too long, and other nameless threats which haven’t ever been seen or heard of in the Realm’s long history. Can your party survive the denizens of the island and escape with the prize? Or will they succumb to fear and infighting, or be torn limb from limb by a feral Lunar seeking to settle some long-forgotten score?

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