Character Seed: Village Champion

This character seed was sent in by listener Mike (AngelWick)!

Concept:  Village Champion

Seed:  A traumatic childhood conditioned you to be cold and emotionless to the outside world.  Very few know how to break down your walls and see the real you.  You embrace this brooding visage by climbing the ranks of your village’s royal guard.  Your skills in hand-to-hand combat know no peer.  You use your speed and agility to make up for what you lack in brute strength. Your cold and emotionless stature, though only a front to the true you, has bent the knee of many a foe both in combat and at the interrogation table.  The touch of the Unconquered Sun forced you to break down the thick walls you built within yourself so that you might become greater than the empty shell you appear to be.

Sample Character:  Vera Saffron

Born from parents of unusually large stock for the eastern jungle settlements, Vera has always been one of the tall kids who towers over everyone else her age.  Children will of course be inhumanly cruel to anyone different from themselves, not fully grasping the consequences of their horridly immature behavior.

One day, during her pre-teen years, the bullying she had endured her entire life took a traumatic turn as the gang of her most sinister tormenters harried her through the jungles surrounding her Ba’ani village, and carelessly surrounded her in a ring of fire, which quickly began to close in on her in the dry, dead leaves lining the forest floor.  Her screams of terror caught the ear of her village temple’s favored golden calf, Prince Shining Water Aneru, who – in a moment of defiance – forced his contingent of bodyguards to chase him through the forest to their source.  The appearance of the prince was enough to scare the bullies away.  Aneru ordered his bodyguards to rescue the frightened child or be forced to explain to the king and queen why their only son has been harmed by fire.  The guards quickly complied to their prince’s orders.

During the rescue, Vera had passed out in terror.  When she came to, she was face to face with her prince.  It was love at first sight for them both.  Vera’s injuries from that day were trivial at best, nothing the royal healers couldn’t handle.  Once her health returned, Vera returned to her normal life as a commoner. She and Aneru kept their childhood romance a secret as best they could.

As Vera got older and more mature, she learned how to use her size to her advantage.  She quickly climbed the ranks of Ba’ani warriors and earner high marks for her skills at hand-to-hand combat.  She took to wearing a mask to hide the terror that sometimes crosses her face when confronted with a most challenging adversary; the terrors of a traumatizing childhood sometimes run very deep.  When Aneru’s eighteenth birthday drew near, he personally requested to have Vera enlisted as part of his personal escort that would take him through the jungle for what he believed would be his coming of age ceremony and to receive blessings from the local gods.

When Wisened Bower attacked the Ba’ani delegation and set fire to the surrounding jungle, the flames sent Vera into a primal hysteria as memories of her childhood torment came flooding back to her from all those years ago.  As the flames grew and started to come towards her, her instincts told her to flee for safety rather than stay to protect her beloved Aneru.

It was while Vera was fleeing that she received a visit from the Unconquered Sun.  He urged his new child to rise above her past and defend her love, her land, and her world from the threat of the Fair Folk and all who would oppress Creation.  When Vera returned to the sight of the blaze, tempered by the light and the strength of a Solar Exalted, the battle had nearly already ended. Aneru lay unconscious on the forest floor.  From the cover of the trees Vera saw a mysterious woman retrieve a green stone from the ground.  Is that Aneru laying there?  What happened to his tattoos?  Is he Okay?

It all happened so quickly.  Just as Vera was about to reveal herself to the woman and demand some answers, the woman disappeared into the trees.  Vera tried to follow her for as long as she could, but she lost her quickly.  Once Vera lost the mystery woman, she turned her attention back to Aneru, only to find Wizened Bower standing before her. The last thing she remembers before losing consciousness was Bower bellowing the words “Be gone, witch!”

Aneru and Vera exalted at nearly the same time.  However, Vera was deep within the cover of the thick jungle, a good distance away from the fire.  It is possible that Wisened Bower sensed both exaltations and confused them as one single powerful Second Breath.  What else would explain Aneru’s body reforming from ashes like the phoenix that is now his namesake?

Vera blames Bower for Aneru’s current fate.  She’s still hunting for the mysterious woman to find answers.

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