Character Seed: Outcast General

Concept: Outcast General

Seed: You are a brilliant military commander and the pride of your house – that is, until your childhood friend was discovered to be a Solar Exalt. You put the entire town to the sword, but later learned your Anathema friend escaped. Disgraced and exiled in your failure, you roam Creation with your personal army of deserters, looking for the Solar who ruined your life. 

Sample Character: Reza had an exceptional military career. He guarded the Realm against countless invasions from a myriad of threats, successfully repelling the Seven Seals invasion and peacefully resolving the Council of Stars revolt. He served prestigious tours both at home and afar. And then his career suddenly self-destructed. While living in a frontier town in the east, his friend of many years was discovered to be Anathema. He did the right thing and put the entire village to the torch – every last soul. The flames and screams bathed his back as he rode out of town and back to the home of his lord.

When he returned, he was relieved of command. His master stated that he should have been able to detect Anathema, and that his dereliction of duties caused the burning of the village, which reflects poorly on his liege lord – even more so since reports seem to indicate the Anathema survived the cleansing, and is on the loose. 

Before any adverse action could be taken against him, he fled, along with a large contingent of soldiers fiercely loyal to him. Now his life’s mission is to find his childhood friend and finally settle the score…

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