Character Seed: Unforgivable Debtor

Concept: Unforgivable Debtor

Character Seed:  You were a decent person. You served your leaders in the town militia, but due to age requirements or peaceful times, they didn’t need you anymore.  You returned to family life, but found it difficult to profit from your unique set of skills.  You tried being a bouncer and even a caravan guard, but the pay didn’t make up for the risk, and your homestead suffered while you were away. Then you took a loan from a powerful crime organization.  When you were unable to pay back the loan, they took advantage of your talents and forced you into a life of crime.  When you had enough, you tried to leave the criminal lifestyle, but your employers dragged you back through blackmail and manipulation. Growing tired of your lack of cooperation, they set you up, exposing your criminal acts to the authorities and your family.  Facing arrest and rejection, you must flee for your life.  That is the moment the Unconquered Sun gifts you with the abilities to get away.  Now he is the only thing you have left.

Sample Character: Seamus the Fallen

Seamus served in the armies of the Blessed Isle for many years, but failing to Exalt caused his superiors to push him to the side and demand he return to civilian life.  He struggled at home, finding other work difficult.  Out of desperation, he borrowed money from The Network, an underground criminal organization. When he couldn’t repay his debt, they found other ways for him to repay them. His first assignment was to assassinate a certain business leader’s competition.  He got a little jade out of the deal, but the rest went toward paying his debt.

His debt forced him to continue to take jobs, but he was always able to explain where the money was coming from. His wife was suspicious, but willingly turned a blind eye, not wanting to know the truth.  After a year, she discovered that he was involved in something illegal, and he swore to her that he would give up that life.

Seamus tried to leave The Network, but it only made life more difficult.  They threatened to kidnap his children or assault his wife and her family, and he couldn’t be everywhere at once to ensure their protection.

His reputation within the Network continued to grow, and many of the high-ranked members began to consider him for a promotion.  These rumors angered Sha’Mock who Seamus would replace.

Fearing that Seamus would eventually overthrow him, Sha’Mock offered him a way out of the Network.  After one last target, all his debts would be paid off.  It would be over and he would be free.  He took the job, not knowing Sha’Mock hated him and was setting him up. The target was Sha’Mock’s own father, a wealthy leader whose estate would fall to his wayward criminal son. Not only was Sha’Mock going destroy Seamus’s career with The Network, he was going to destroy his family as well, and so he made sure that Seamus’s wife was in the perfect location to witness her husband commit the murder.

After the deed, Seamus ran for his life, as the men of the Imperial Army beside which he had once served were trying to end his life.  They hated him, his town hated him, and even his wife hated him.  There was nothing left.  The Unconquered Sun Exalted Seamus during the pursuit.  He gave him the ability to hide in plain sight, and he escaped hundreds of trained Dragon-Blooded troops.  He fled to Lookshy, leaving the Blessed Isle and his former life behind.

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