Character Seed: Fugitive Wife

Concept: Fugitive Wife 

Seed: You were the third trophy wife of a powerful noble.  You attended all the state functions, took care of his needs, and even bore him children.  For a few years, you lived the perfect life of a princess, but then his attention was caught by another pretty young face, and you realized that your time was short.  Rather than let that pig end your life on account of his lust – as you had since learned that he did with the two women before you – you decided to escape while there was still time.  You took what wealth you could smuggle out with you, got yourself far away from there, and learned how to take care of yourself.  The Unconquered Sun blessed you in these efforts with the priceless gift of Exaltation.  Now you are hunted on account of that also, but you have already learned how to evade your captors and put an end to those who get too close.

Sample Character: Kaeloh the Widow Hopeful

Kaeloh was captured, along with a good many others of her people, by desert raiders when she was a child.  Sold into slavery in the city of Gem, she grew up serving in a wealthy household as cook and housekeeper.  When she reached an age where she could be considered a young woman instead of just a girl, the Despot of Gem took notice of her and purchased her freedom from the family she had served, making her his third wife.

She bore the Despot a son and a daughter over the next few years, and was actually so content with her life that she was happy for the first time since the raiders took her.  But then she noticed her husband paying a great deal of attention to the daughter of one of his courtiers, and she began to fear for her life.  The palace cook, her closest confidant, confirmed her fears when she asked about the Despot’s former wives.  So Kaeloh decided to escape the palace to save her own life.  Leaving her children in the care of their nannies, she took as much gold and precious stones as she could carry and snuck out under cover of darkness with the cook’s help.

She made her way across the southern desert to the city of Chiaroscuro, where she learned how to use her beauty and her growing disregard for the sanctity of life to kill wealthy men with a penchant for flesh.  Each mark gave her a sort of vengeful satisfaction, and the Unconquered Sun seemed to agree, as he Exalted her to the Eclipse Caste during a dinner party with one of the Tri-Khan’s most prominent nobles.  And now she wants to return to Gem to put a permanent end to her creep of a husband, and take back her children.

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