Massive News Dump From Onyx Path!

Yesterday, Exalted fans got to drink from the firehose of teasers of upcoming books!

The name of the upcoming Exigents book was revealed: Exigents: Out of the Ashes, and we were told that beyond merely being able to make new Exalts raised up by the myriad gods and spirits that want to make that sacrifice, the book will also give us guidance on how to create completely new types of Exalted!!  It is impossible to overstate how important, how new, and how mind-glowingly amazing this book will be!

We were also told about a new setting book that they are getting rolling.  It will be called, Across the Eight Directions.  This one is super exciting!  It promises to detail a wealth of locations, societies, peoples, etc. all throughout the sprawling world of Creation, including old favorites, new places introduced in the Third Edition core book, and even brand new places we’ve never heard of before!  Someone please get me a time-machine so I can jump to the future and get this now!

And as you would expect, there is lots of chunky goodness about the upcoming Lunars: Fangs at the Gate, including a new ‘Protean’ keyword for Charms and shape-shifting, and the revelation that we will be getting (among others) Centipede Style and Swaying Grass Dance Style Martial Arts in the new book!

Go check out the official post yourself, and be sure to leave a comment for them showing how much you appreciate the hard work!

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  1. I was really taken aback at how much content was revealed within this news update. We can only hope for more like this in the weeks and months to come!

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