Martial Arts: Spring Yew Style

Spring Yew Style is a martial art that focuses on misdirection and potential energy held in check until an opportune moment.  Those who focus their energies into this discipline must also trim and hone their bodies into lithe muscle, which must be capable of changing direction and momentum in an instant.  This student of this style learns to appreciate the application of tension in every situation, on the field of battle, in conversation, and even in the pursuit of romance.  This style’s signature feature – the green yew staff – becomes a representation of its wielder: strong and upright, but capable of being stretched to the point where violence erupts swiftly.

Spring Yew Weapons: Spring Yew Style takes its name from the green yew staff that each practitioner carries always on his person.  Every student and master must select a fresh yew sapling each year during Ascending Earth.  After stripping it of its branches and smoothing its haft, the martial artist is bonded to the flexible wooden shaft throughout the course of the year.  Those who have mastered this style have learned to quickly plant their staves into the ground and then use them to catapult their bodies toward their foes.  They also use the supple wood to make punishing deflective counterattacks.

Armor: Spring Yew Style is compatible with light armor, but most practitioners choose to go without in order to preserve flexibility.

Complementary Abilities: Due to the athletic nature of this Martial Art, and the flexibility required for some of its most ambitious feats, Athletics and its associated Charms can be paired quite spectacularly with this style.


Cost: 3m; Mins: Martial Arts 2, Essence 1

Type: Supplemental

Keywords: Mastery, Dual

Duration: Instant

Prerequisite Charms: None

Planting one tip of his green yew staff on the ground or floor, the martial artist quickly shifts his weight to lean on the wood, allowing it to bend toward his opponent.  Then, tilting the shaft back and allowing the tip to strike out with the pent-up force, he surprises his opponent with a stinging strike.​

This Charm supplements either a withering or decisive attack, giving it all the benefits of a surprise attack.  This Charm may only be used once per scene on each opponent.

Mastery: On a successful decisive attack, this Charm also levies an additional -1 wound penalty on the target for the rest of the scene.  This is due to the incredible stinging pain of getting unexpectedly struck with a green branch.  Only one such additional penalty may be levied on a single opponent.

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