Martial Arts: Jade Peacock Style

Jade Peacock Style is a martial art form that focuses on manipulation and theatrics. It is a form which puts forth an image that the martial artist is not an actual threat, making the practitioner seem too weak to even be worthy of action. Then, once the attacker has focused their attentions elsewhere, the Jade Peacock master strikes without warning and with devastating effect. Students of this form must study acting as well as dance. The signature weapon of this style, a war fan, is representative not only of the bright plumage fo the Peacock itself, but of the student, representing the broad range of talents learned through this style. 

Jade Peacock Weapons: Jade Peacock Style takes its name from the brightly-colored animal of the same name. Each student must master the war fan, a representation of the bird’s bright plumage. There are four circles of mastery to this art form: brown, teal, blue and finally gold. Each war fan is painted with these colors, indicative of a student’s mastery level. The war fan is also polished to a mirror sheen, which can be used in a series of flashing movements to blind or confuse their opponents. 

Armor: Jade Peacock Style is incompatible with armor.

Complementary Abilities: Due to the theatrical nature of this form, Performance charms can be paired quite easily.


Cost: 3m; Mins: Martial Arts 1, Essence 1

Type: Reflexive

Keywords: None

Duration: One Turn

Prerequisite Charms: None

Whipping the war fan around her body, the martial artist mimics the brilliant plumage of the Peacock, vivid colors flashing in the light in a dazzling display. 

The martial artist can make an (Appearance + Martial Arts) roll versus the target’s Guile to dazzle the target and present herself as an invalid opponent. If successful, the target takes a penalty to all attack rolls against the martial artist for (Appearance) rounds equal to the martial artist’s Essence. In addition, attacks made against her by a dazzled opponent do not incur onslaught penalties.

The martial artist can dazzle (Essence) targets. Dazzling an additional target causes one of the targets of the player’s choice to lose the dazzled condition. 

Mastery: On a successful withering attack against a dazzled target, the duration of the dazzle is extended by one round. This effect is cumulative. 

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