Character Seed: Unrefined Commander

Concept: Unrefined Commander

Seed:  You were once an unscrupulous character, but through an unlikely sequence of events, you “accidentally” get lauded as a hero.  Seen by many as a decent person, you now have to retrain yourself to fulfill a role for which you aren’t suited.  Exaltation occurs during a very heroic moment where you make a sacrifice to save others, or else you are given the power by the Unconquered Sun to defeat the enemies you face.

Sample Character: Riley Lawman

Rilo the Merciless was a low-life bandit when he entered the town of Dusty Sping.  Looking to advance to the higher payout of the con-game, he marked his target Tobias Judd.  When on his way to collect the ill-gotten gain, Rilo noticed members of the Open Hand gang had beat him to his mark. Furious that someone was going to steal what was his, he attacked the thugs and ran them out of town.  Tobias was overjoyed at his new acquaintance’s heroic deed and announced Rilo’s heroic efforts to the entire town and got him installed as Sheriff.

Four year later, the Open Hand returned and attacked the town, kidnapping the Sheriff – who was now known by his birth name Riley – along with five young women.  After roughing them up, the Open Hand strung up all five women on a hastily constructed gallows, and told Riley that if he could shoot the ropes around the women’s necks, they would be set free.  They handed him an old looking handheld firewand.  Riley’s first shot hit the rope, but the blast also took the life of the young woman.  While the gang laughed, Riley was stricken with both grief and anger.  Squeezing the old dusty weapon in his hand, he felt a presence outside of himself washing him with power as if the sun itself was feeding his rage.  The rust coating the firewand began to fade, revealing that it was just an illusion that hid its true nature.  The weapon revealed itself to be made from the finest of blue jade as Riley poured a bit of himself into the firewand.  Like a flash of lightning, Riley reloaded the piece and fired it point blank into the face of the closest thug.  Before the other men could react, he fired again and again, dropping a total of three bandits. 

The remaining members of the Open Hand raised their hands and began to back away slowly.  Riley pointed “The Liberator” – as it would later be known – at the neck ties around the women and fired one shot splitting all four ropes.  There wasn’t a scratch on any one of them.  Riley then proceeded to interrogate the remaining men, trying to find who was responsible for the order to attack Dusty Sping.  He didn’t get the name of the man at the top, but he did get a starting point.  After finishing off the bandits and leading the women to safety, Riley left his deputy in charge and set out looking for justice.

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