Character Seed: Aborted Sacrifice

Concept: Aborted Sacrifice 

Seed: Living the first eighteen years of life in absolute pampered luxury, you were given everything you could possibly desire.  You were raised as royalty, and as far as you knew, that was the only reason for the opulence of your life.  The village/kingdom had a completely different understanding, however.  They had pampered you throughout your life because you were being prepared as a sacrifice to some dark or alien power for the protection of the village/kingdom.  You receive the Unconquered Sun’s exaltation during the sacrifice ceremony, however, and that changes everything.

Sample Character: Mendicant Phoenix

Known in his pampered youth as Shining Water Aneru, he had no idea that his people, the Ba’ani, had prepared him his whole life to be a sacrifice to the Fair Folk on his eighteenth birthday.  Upon later reflection, that would explain why his parents, the king and queen, had always been distant and unloving.  Every 200 days since the day he was born, Aneru received a new tattoo on a previously uncovered portion of his skin, all depicting scenes of joy in his people’s small jungle kingdom, but he had no choice in the matter, and for all his wealth and privilege, he never felt the joy that was displayed on his body.

When the time came for his sacrifice, something went very wrong.  A seemingly crazy old man ambushed the delegation of priests – accompanied by the still clueless Aneru – in the dense jungle.  He described their actions as barbaric and feeding the evil outside of Creation.  This was the first time that Aneru learned the truth about his life.  During the fight that ensued, the Fair Folk delegation also arrived and joined in the melee, attacking both sides and hoping for an ever larger meal.  Aneru tried to crawl away through the jungle, but he received a blinding vision from the Unconquered Sun telling him to be his instrument of righteousness.  As the vision faded, the last light of the image settled on a large green gem a few feet away.  Behind him, fire was now raging in the trees and foliage.  He reached out with his arm and a new source of power he could feel within him and grasped the stone just as the fire caught in his shoes and pants.

Aneru burned as the jungle and the priests and even some of the Fair Folk burned.  It was some time later before he finally regained consciousness, and when he did, the crazy old man was standing over him, and his body was pale and pink and completely devoid of tattoos!  The old man explained to him that his body had been reduced to ash, but that it slowly reformed.  The old man became his mentor and sifu, training him in the Golden Janissary Style of martial arts to fight the evil from outside Creation.  Aneru left his old name and his people behind and chose a new name, Mendicant Phoenix, and began to cover his body in new tattoos, this time of his own accomplishments.  The green stone, however, could not be found in the jungle, but Mendicant Phoenix can still feel it attached to him, and throughout his adventures, he searches for it still.

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