The White Treatise: Piercing the Veil of Flame

Piercing the Veil of Flame

Cost: 7sm, 1wp

Keywords: None

Duration: One Scene

Sitting close to any fire that is the size of a campfire or larger, the sorcerer draws his face to within twelve inches of the flame, staring intently into the fire.  Entering a trance, he searches through the ever-shifting tongues of flame to project his senses into any other fire in Creation.  At first, he glimpses seemingly random images and locations, but he may focus his attention with a successful (Wits + Occult) roll with a difficulty dependent upon the distance his desired target is from his current location.

If the target is within a day’s journey, the difficulty is 1.  Beyond that, if the target is within the same cardinal direction (or if both sorcerer and target are on the Blessed Isle), the difficulty is 3.  If the target is located in a different cardinal direction, the difficulty is 5.  If the target is simply nowhere near a fire during the time of attempted scrying (at Storyteller discretion), then there is no chance of success.  The sorcerer will instead cast his senses to the nearest fire to that target, which can be quite random.

A sorcerer with this as his control spell may make a (Presence + Occult) roll with a difficulty equal to that of the original roll to find his target in order to cause the fire on the other end of the spell to grow suddenly larger, potentially setting structures, objects, and people on fire nearby.

Distortion (Goal number: 7): Distorting this spell allows the opposing sorcerer to cause the origin fire to grow suddenly larger, certainly setting the casting sorcerer on fire, and perhaps other objects or structures nearby as well.

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