The White Treatise: Molding of the Lesser Mind

Molding of the Lesser Mind

Cost: Ritual, 3wp

Keywords: None

Duration: Permanent

Lawgivers are the mighty warriors and priests of old, given dominion over all of Creation. They use their might and their words to sway history, but sometimes those they seek to influence manage to shake off the words of the wise. Molding of the Lesser Mind is one of the tools the sorcerer can use to correct that.

The sorcerer must have a piece of material of value to the target, whether that be a scrap of clothing, a cherished book, or even a lock of hair. During the course of the spell, which takes 8 hours to complete, the sorcerer subsumes the item completely with his Essence. Once this is complete, the sorcerer must roll (Essence + Manipulation) and can then implant a number of memories into the subject’s mind equal to the number of successes on the roll.

The implanted memories have an effect one of the subject’s Intimacies. The target difficulty for affecting a minor Intimacy is 2, 3 for a major Intimacy, and 4 for a defining Intimacy. Memories used in this way can only change an Intimacy by one level. 

Alternatively, the sorcerer can attempt to implant memories which create a new Intimacy. Newly created Intimacies are at the minor level. The target difficulty for this is 2.

If the spell fails, it cannot be attempted again on the same target for a year and a day.

A sorcerer with this as his control spell needs only to have attempted a Social Influence action against the subject within (Essence) months in order to cast the spell, eschewing the normal required materials.

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