Character Seed: Right Hand to the Prince

Concept: Right Hand to the Prince

Seed: You come across a land in your travels that seems to have all but wasted away into insignificance.  Through some arcane discovery, however, or through careful use of your power, you are able to rekindle a dying economy and infrastructure.  Rather than take the reigns of the rebuilt kingdom yourself, though, you ensconces yourself into the renewed nobility and become the right hand to the prince, controlling the kingdom from the sidelines and the shadows.

Sample Character: Jareth

After his exaltation, Jareth wandered creation, trying to find his place in it all. That’s when he found the village of Solstice, nestled between two large, snow-capped mountains. It was a small farming village, boasting a population of no more than thirty, but that wasn’t what drew him. The ancient walls of Fort Solstice stood abutted against the western-most mountain, built into the side of the rock and scree.

Jareth spent severals days exploring its depths: a standard layout for a frontier fort, but with a series of winding tunnels leading to various places within the heart of the mountain.  He suspected that he had stumbled upon an ancient manse, and he felt something calling him from deep within. He eventually located the hearthstone in a secret chamber, and once he attuned himself to it, he felt the warm flow of Essence as it immediately began transforming the lands around the manse.

The harvest that year was unlike any other. Within the next two years, Solstice had grown from thirty inhabitants to more than a hundred and fifty. Jareth felt he finally knew what he was meant to do. Through a series of subtleties and maneuvering, he convinced the people of the valley to elect a king, which they gladly did, albeit according to his will. He then insinuated himself into the royal household as a seneschal – a high-level advisor.  Under his guidance, Solstice today wields a growing amount of power in the region, but with power comes envy, and every day Jareth tries to stay ahead of those that would see this power be used for ill gain.

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