Character Seed: Forsaken Idol

Grizzled WarriorConcept: Forsaken Idol

Seed: Prior to exaltation, you were an influential person in your homeland.  Then, in a dramatic moment, sudden exaltation allows you to save many lives, and your fame and honor among the people reaches the heights of near-worship.  At this point, the government in the land turns on you and disowns or forsakes you.  Now banished, but not forgotten, you accrue a following among your former people, and they set you as ruler over themselves, forcing a direct conflict with their kin.

Sample Character: General Jun Wu

General Jun Wu was the most decorated military officer in his nation’s history.  His reputation among his men was almost divine.  He had never lost a single battle.  Ten years ago, he had even led his forces to victory against a fair folk incursion at their nation’s border – something that had never been accomplished by any Remiran militia since the founding of the city-state.  But on the 13th of Ascending Air in RY 767, Remirak’s greatest mortal general was elevated above his own mortality into the ranks of gods and legends.

Remirak has no ties with the Scarlet Empire, but the Immaculate Philosophy holds a powerful sway over many lands that the Ten Thousand Dragons would never be able to control directly.  General Jun Wu was branded an anathema, stripped of his rank, and exiled from his homeland as soon as word of his mighty deeds reached the reigning prince’s ears.  His men would not allow him to retreat quietly, though.  A full five hundred of his best soldiers followed him as he walked the road east out of Remirak, their families and possessions borne with them, bound to whatever fate the Unconquered Sun had laid on Jun Wu’s shoulders.

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