Character Seed: Abused Weaponsmith

Young blacksmithConcept: Abused Weaponsmith

Seed: Once a highly-skilled iron worker toiling away as an under- appreciated slave for a wealthy family, you were brought to a point of crisis one evening when the master sought to punish you viciously for an embarrassment caused by one of your creations.  The Unconquered Sun’s exaltation was bestowed on you at the very moment when you would be maimed or killed by the wrath of the master.  Choices made in that moment have defined you ever since.

Sample Character: Kamasai “Kama” The Soul Forged in Living Flame

Kamasai’s eyes were opened by an exaltation into the Twilight Caste, and he immediately was able to see through eyes of essence.  What he noticed first was that the magical flame that had burned in the heart of his forge was in actuality a bound fire elemental.  Instinctively, and without conscious thought, he reached out to it with the newly granted power of his solar anima and bound it instead to his will.

After fleeing his former master and the rest of the household, Kamasai and his new fire elemental friend Arrack spent some time in the wilderness, trying to survive.  Arrack taught Kama the rudiments of manipulating essence, to which he was a quick study.  Now they are ready to make their mark on the world together after two lifetimes of servitude.

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