Character Seed: Outcast General

Concept: Outcast General

Seed: You are a brilliant military commander and the pride of your house – that is, until your childhood friend was discovered to be a Solar Exalt. You put the entire town to the sword, but later learned your Anathema friend escaped. Disgraced and exiled in your failure, you roam Creation with your personal army of deserters, looking for the Solar who ruined your life. 

Sample Character: Reza had an exceptional military career. He guarded the Realm against countless invasions from a myriad of threats, successfully repelling the Seven Seals invasion and peacefully resolving the Council of Stars revolt. He served prestigious tours both at home and afar. And then his career suddenly self-destructed. While living in a frontier town in the east, his friend of many years was discovered to be Anathema. He did the right thing and put the entire village to the torch – every last soul. The flames and screams bathed his back as he rode out of town and back to the home of his lord.

When he returned, he was relieved of command. His master stated that he should have been able to detect Anathema, and that his dereliction of duties caused the burning of the village, which reflects poorly on his liege lord – even more so since reports seem to indicate the Anathema survived the cleansing, and is on the loose. 

Before any adverse action could be taken against him, he fled, along with a large contingent of soldiers fiercely loyal to him. Now his life’s mission is to find his childhood friend and finally settle the score…

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Character Seed: Unforgivable Debtor

Concept: Unforgivable Debtor

Character Seed:  You were a decent person. You served your leaders in the town militia, but due to age requirements or peaceful times, they didn’t need you anymore.  You returned to family life, but found it difficult to profit from your unique set of skills.  You tried being a bouncer and even a caravan guard, but the pay didn’t make up for the risk, and your homestead suffered while you were away. Then you took a loan from a powerful crime organization.  When you were unable to pay back the loan, they took advantage of your talents and forced you into a life of crime.  When you had enough, you tried to leave the criminal lifestyle, but your employers dragged you back through blackmail and manipulation. Growing tired of your lack of cooperation, they set you up, exposing your criminal acts to the authorities and your family.  Facing arrest and rejection, you must flee for your life.  That is the moment the Unconquered Sun gifts you with the abilities to get away.  Now he is the only thing you have left.

Sample Character: Seamus the Fallen

Seamus served in the armies of the Blessed Isle for many years, but failing to Exalt caused his superiors to push him to the side and demand he return to civilian life.  He struggled at home, finding other work difficult.  Out of desperation, he borrowed money from The Network, an underground criminal organization. When he couldn’t repay his debt, they found other ways for him to repay them. His first assignment was to assassinate a certain business leader’s competition.  He got a little jade out of the deal, but the rest went toward paying his debt.

His debt forced him to continue to take jobs, but he was always able to explain where the money was coming from. His wife was suspicious, but willingly turned a blind eye, not wanting to know the truth.  After a year, she discovered that he was involved in something illegal, and he swore to her that he would give up that life.

Seamus tried to leave The Network, but it only made life more difficult.  They threatened to kidnap his children or assault his wife and her family, and he couldn’t be everywhere at once to ensure their protection.

His reputation within the Network continued to grow, and many of the high-ranked members began to consider him for a promotion.  These rumors angered Sha’Mock who Seamus would replace.

Fearing that Seamus would eventually overthrow him, Sha’Mock offered him a way out of the Network.  After one last target, all his debts would be paid off.  It would be over and he would be free.  He took the job, not knowing Sha’Mock hated him and was setting him up. The target was Sha’Mock’s own father, a wealthy leader whose estate would fall to his wayward criminal son. Not only was Sha’Mock going destroy Seamus’s career with The Network, he was going to destroy his family as well, and so he made sure that Seamus’s wife was in the perfect location to witness her husband commit the murder.

After the deed, Seamus ran for his life, as the men of the Imperial Army beside which he had once served were trying to end his life.  They hated him, his town hated him, and even his wife hated him.  There was nothing left.  The Unconquered Sun Exalted Seamus during the pursuit.  He gave him the ability to hide in plain sight, and he escaped hundreds of trained Dragon-Blooded troops.  He fled to Lookshy, leaving the Blessed Isle and his former life behind.

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Martial Arts: Unconquerable Sea Style

This Martial Arts Style was submitted by listener Luiz F.!!

Unconquerable as the western seas, the martial artist is a whirl of motions that throw his enemies off-balance and that divert incoming attacks.  This style focuses on the motions of combat, and on redirecting attacks to other targets.

Unconquerable Sea Weapons: This style’s Charms may only be used while unarmed.  The martial artist may parry lethal damage with a stunt.

Armor: This style is compatible with light armor.


Cost: 3m; Mins: Martial Arts 3, Essence 1

Type: Counterattack

Keywords: Perilous, Terrestrial, Mastery

Duration: Instant

Prerequisite Charms: None

As a ship without a captain never reaches the short, so an incoming attack never reaches its target.  After succeeding with a parry defense, the martial artist may redirect an incoming attack to another target of his choosing, as long as the new target is at close range.  The attack roll is compared to the new target’s defense, and if it succeeds, damage is rolled as normal.

Mastery: The martial artist may redirect an attack to short range.

Terrestrial: The Exalt must have a higher initiative than the attacker to successfully redirect the attack.

Character Seed: Fugitive Wife

Concept: Fugitive Wife 

Seed: You were the third trophy wife of a powerful noble.  You attended all the state functions, took care of his needs, and even bore him children.  For a few years, you lived the perfect life of a princess, but then his attention was caught by another pretty young face, and you realized that your time was short.  Rather than let that pig end your life on account of his lust – as you had since learned that he did with the two women before you – you decided to escape while there was still time.  You took what wealth you could smuggle out with you, got yourself far away from there, and learned how to take care of yourself.  The Unconquered Sun blessed you in these efforts with the priceless gift of Exaltation.  Now you are hunted on account of that also, but you have already learned how to evade your captors and put an end to those who get too close.

Sample Character: Kaeloh the Widow Hopeful

Kaeloh was captured, along with a good many others of her people, by desert raiders when she was a child.  Sold into slavery in the city of Gem, she grew up serving in a wealthy household as cook and housekeeper.  When she reached an age where she could be considered a young woman instead of just a girl, the Despot of Gem took notice of her and purchased her freedom from the family she had served, making her his third wife.

She bore the Despot a son and a daughter over the next few years, and was actually so content with her life that she was happy for the first time since the raiders took her.  But then she noticed her husband paying a great deal of attention to the daughter of one of his courtiers, and she began to fear for her life.  The palace cook, her closest confidant, confirmed her fears when she asked about the Despot’s former wives.  So Kaeloh decided to escape the palace to save her own life.  Leaving her children in the care of their nannies, she took as much gold and precious stones as she could carry and snuck out under cover of darkness with the cook’s help.

She made her way across the southern desert to the city of Chiaroscuro, where she learned how to use her beauty and her growing disregard for the sanctity of life to kill wealthy men with a penchant for flesh.  Each mark gave her a sort of vengeful satisfaction, and the Unconquered Sun seemed to agree, as he Exalted her to the Eclipse Caste during a dinner party with one of the Tri-Khan’s most prominent nobles.  And now she wants to return to Gem to put a permanent end to her creep of a husband, and take back her children.

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Massive News Dump From Onyx Path!

Yesterday, Exalted fans got to drink from the firehose of teasers of upcoming books!

The name of the upcoming Exigents book was revealed: Exigents: Out of the Ashes, and we were told that beyond merely being able to make new Exalts raised up by the myriad gods and spirits that want to make that sacrifice, the book will also give us guidance on how to create completely new types of Exalted!!  It is impossible to overstate how important, how new, and how mind-glowingly amazing this book will be!

We were also told about a new setting book that they are getting rolling.  It will be called, Across the Eight Directions.  This one is super exciting!  It promises to detail a wealth of locations, societies, peoples, etc. all throughout the sprawling world of Creation, including old favorites, new places introduced in the Third Edition core book, and even brand new places we’ve never heard of before!  Someone please get me a time-machine so I can jump to the future and get this now!

And as you would expect, there is lots of chunky goodness about the upcoming Lunars: Fangs at the Gate, including a new ‘Protean’ keyword for Charms and shape-shifting, and the revelation that we will be getting (among others) Centipede Style and Swaying Grass Dance Style Martial Arts in the new book!

Go check out the official post yourself, and be sure to leave a comment for them showing how much you appreciate the hard work!

Character Seed: Spoiled Scion of a Noble House

Concept: Spoiled Scion of a Noble House

Seed: You’re the child of one of the Dynastic Houses of the Empire, whose head is one of the most celebrated and feared sorcerers in the Realm and a long-time professor at the Heptagram on the Isle of Voices. You were groomed from birth to follow in his footsteps (and to take part in his unorthodox studies). After Primary School you were a shoe-in for the Heptagram, Exalting around the age of 15. There you found quite an easy grasp of Terrestrial Circle Sorcery and your sire couldn’t be more pleased. He had always kept you closer to him than most Dynastic parents did their young. He had always wanted you to be a part of his special project. Your respect for your father led you to embrace his plans unquestioningly, and so he introduced you to the others he had pulled together from around Creation to find the pieces of his grand puzzle.

Sample Character: Ledaal Kebok Janson

Janson was born into House Ledaal and has known privilege and luxury his entire life. His father, Ledaal Kebok Omeger, was one of the most powerful practitioners of the sorcerous arts, and fully intended for his son to follow in his footsteps. Omeger spared no expense when it came to his scion’s training. The one thing Janson strove for in all aspects of his life was the love and admiration of his father – a withholding individual.

Janson exalted at the age of fifteen, taking on the aspect of air. He was immediately granted tutelage in the Heptagram, where a seat had been held for him the past three years. He quickly overtook his peers, much to the delight of his father. That was the first time Janson felt anything akin to open love from his father. And it vanished almost immediately.

No matter how much Janson excelled, his father always expected him to do better. Janson turned to inward brooding, shutting out his already small circle of friends. He became the subject of much derision amongst his fellow students, and was constantly the butt of some joke or prank. He took up practicing with the daiklave he was gifted on his name day, training for the day he would set things right.

Janson swore that he would show them – show his father. He would become the single greatest sorcerer Creation had ever seen, and then his father would have to be proud of him.

He would make him be proud…

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Martial Arts: Jade Peacock Style

Jade Peacock Style is a martial art form that focuses on manipulation and theatrics. It is a form which puts forth an image that the martial artist is not an actual threat, making the practitioner seem too weak to even be worthy of action. Then, once the attacker has focused their attentions elsewhere, the Jade Peacock master strikes without warning and with devastating effect. Students of this form must study acting as well as dance. The signature weapon of this style, a war fan, is representative not only of the bright plumage fo the Peacock itself, but of the student, representing the broad range of talents learned through this style. 

Jade Peacock Weapons: Jade Peacock Style takes its name from the brightly-colored animal of the same name. Each student must master the war fan, a representation of the bird’s bright plumage. There are four circles of mastery to this art form: brown, teal, blue and finally gold. Each war fan is painted with these colors, indicative of a student’s mastery level. The war fan is also polished to a mirror sheen, which can be used in a series of flashing movements to blind or confuse their opponents. 

Armor: Jade Peacock Style is incompatible with armor.

Complementary Abilities: Due to the theatrical nature of this form, Performance charms can be paired quite easily.


Cost: 3m; Mins: Martial Arts 1, Essence 1

Type: Reflexive

Keywords: None

Duration: One Turn

Prerequisite Charms: None

Whipping the war fan around her body, the martial artist mimics the brilliant plumage of the Peacock, vivid colors flashing in the light in a dazzling display. 

The martial artist can make an (Appearance + Martial Arts) roll versus the target’s Guile to dazzle the target and present herself as an invalid opponent. If successful, the target takes a penalty to all attack rolls against the martial artist for (Appearance) rounds equal to the martial artist’s Essence. In addition, attacks made against her by a dazzled opponent do not incur onslaught penalties.

The martial artist can dazzle (Essence) targets. Dazzling an additional target causes one of the targets of the player’s choice to lose the dazzled condition. 

Mastery: On a successful withering attack against a dazzled target, the duration of the dazzle is extended by one round. This effect is cumulative. 

Martial Arts: Spring Yew Style

Spring Yew Style is a martial art that focuses on misdirection and potential energy held in check until an opportune moment.  Those who focus their energies into this discipline must also trim and hone their bodies into lithe muscle, which must be capable of changing direction and momentum in an instant.  This student of this style learns to appreciate the application of tension in every situation, on the field of battle, in conversation, and even in the pursuit of romance.  This style’s signature feature – the green yew staff – becomes a representation of its wielder: strong and upright, but capable of being stretched to the point where violence erupts swiftly.

Spring Yew Weapons: Spring Yew Style takes its name from the green yew staff that each practitioner carries always on his person.  Every student and master must select a fresh yew sapling each year during Ascending Earth.  After stripping it of its branches and smoothing its haft, the martial artist is bonded to the flexible wooden shaft throughout the course of the year.  Those who have mastered this style have learned to quickly plant their staves into the ground and then use them to catapult their bodies toward their foes.  They also use the supple wood to make punishing deflective counterattacks.

Armor: Spring Yew Style is compatible with light armor, but most practitioners choose to go without in order to preserve flexibility.

Complementary Abilities: Due to the athletic nature of this Martial Art, and the flexibility required for some of its most ambitious feats, Athletics and its associated Charms can be paired quite spectacularly with this style.


Cost: 3m; Mins: Martial Arts 2, Essence 1

Type: Supplemental

Keywords: Mastery, Dual

Duration: Instant

Prerequisite Charms: None

Planting one tip of his green yew staff on the ground or floor, the martial artist quickly shifts his weight to lean on the wood, allowing it to bend toward his opponent.  Then, tilting the shaft back and allowing the tip to strike out with the pent-up force, he surprises his opponent with a stinging strike.​

This Charm supplements either a withering or decisive attack, giving it all the benefits of a surprise attack.  This Charm may only be used once per scene on each opponent.

Mastery: On a successful decisive attack, this Charm also levies an additional -1 wound penalty on the target for the rest of the scene.  This is due to the incredible stinging pain of getting unexpectedly struck with a green branch.  Only one such additional penalty may be levied on a single opponent.

Martial Arts: Stinging Hornet Style

Stinging Hornet Style was developed by Lunars in the East and taught to their communities that live among the great trees.  Enemies using the trunks and branches as cover necessitated a style that could quickly transition from ranged to melee and back again. It is an archery style that blends the ranged abilities of the bow with close quarters combat.  Students become proficient with firing arrows at close range while engaged in melee combat.  The style also allows the archer to use both the bow and the arrow in each hand as melee weapons to attack (with arrow) and parry (with bow).  This style is popular throughout the beastmen settlements of the far East, but with the return of the Solars, their Lunar mates have passed this style to them as well.

Prerequisites:  Practitioners of the Stinging Hornet Style must possess the Ambidexterity merit.

Armor: Stinging Hornet style is compatible with light armor.

Stinging Hornet Weapons:  Stinging Hornet style uses both light and medium bows to make ranged attacks.  Bows may be constructed from any material. 


Cost: 3m; Mins: Martial Arts 3, Essence 1

Type: Supplemental

Keywords: Dual

Duration: Instant

Prerequisite Charms: None

Prone to swatting attacks, the Hornet must learn take an attack of opportunity when it is available and strike in the manner it knows best.  Angry Stinger Attack adds +2 dice to the accuracy modifier for close range attacks.  This bonus does not count as dice added through Charm use.


Cost: 5m; Mins: Martial Arts 3, Essence 1

Type: Supplemental

Keywords: Dual, Mastery

Duration: Instant

Prerequisite Charms: None

As the hornet stings it leaves the venom behind, causing the newly open wound to throb with pain. Throbbing Venom Strike adds (Strength + Dexterity) / 2 dice to the post-soak damage of a withering attack, or converts half that amount (rounded up) as dice added to the damage of a decisive attack.

Mastery: When used with a decisive attack, the full amount of dice are added to the damage of the attack.


Cost: 8m; Mins: Martial Arts 4, Essence 1

Type: Simple

Keywords: Form

Duration: One scene

Prerequisite Charms: Angry Stinger Attack

The martial artist accepts that he has been forced into melee combat, but refuses to part with his bow. Gripping the arrow by the shaft in one hand, it is treated as a light bladed weapon for the purpose of attacking only. The bow in the other hand is treated as a short staff for the purpose of parrying only. If the bow is an artifact weapon, or if it is made from a special material, then it is considered to be a short staff of the same type for use with this charm. The martial artist can now swap from melee to ranged at will during the remainder of the scene.

Character Seed: Unrefined Commander

Concept: Unrefined Commander

Seed:  You were once an unscrupulous character, but through an unlikely sequence of events, you “accidentally” get lauded as a hero.  Seen by many as a decent person, you now have to retrain yourself to fulfill a role for which you aren’t suited.  Exaltation occurs during a very heroic moment where you make a sacrifice to save others, or else you are given the power by the Unconquered Sun to defeat the enemies you face.

Sample Character: Riley Lawman

Rilo the Merciless was a low-life bandit when he entered the town of Dusty Sping.  Looking to advance to the higher payout of the con-game, he marked his target Tobias Judd.  When on his way to collect the ill-gotten gain, Rilo noticed members of the Open Hand gang had beat him to his mark. Furious that someone was going to steal what was his, he attacked the thugs and ran them out of town.  Tobias was overjoyed at his new acquaintance’s heroic deed and announced Rilo’s heroic efforts to the entire town and got him installed as Sheriff.

Four year later, the Open Hand returned and attacked the town, kidnapping the Sheriff – who was now known by his birth name Riley – along with five young women.  After roughing them up, the Open Hand strung up all five women on a hastily constructed gallows, and told Riley that if he could shoot the ropes around the women’s necks, they would be set free.  They handed him an old looking handheld firewand.  Riley’s first shot hit the rope, but the blast also took the life of the young woman.  While the gang laughed, Riley was stricken with both grief and anger.  Squeezing the old dusty weapon in his hand, he felt a presence outside of himself washing him with power as if the sun itself was feeding his rage.  The rust coating the firewand began to fade, revealing that it was just an illusion that hid its true nature.  The weapon revealed itself to be made from the finest of blue jade as Riley poured a bit of himself into the firewand.  Like a flash of lightning, Riley reloaded the piece and fired it point blank into the face of the closest thug.  Before the other men could react, he fired again and again, dropping a total of three bandits. 

The remaining members of the Open Hand raised their hands and began to back away slowly.  Riley pointed “The Liberator” – as it would later be known – at the neck ties around the women and fired one shot splitting all four ropes.  There wasn’t a scratch on any one of them.  Riley then proceeded to interrogate the remaining men, trying to find who was responsible for the order to attack Dusty Sping.  He didn’t get the name of the man at the top, but he did get a starting point.  After finishing off the bandits and leading the women to safety, Riley left his deputy in charge and set out looking for justice.

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