Story Seed: A Wyld Accord


An Anathema who came from fine Dragon-Blooded stock Exalted on the Blessed Isle and escaped with the help of a childhood friend. The Anathema’s father organized a most unusual Wyld Hunt to bring back his child alive. He formed a secret sworn kinship made up of those he trusted most with this mission. None of them knew the true reason why he wanted his offspring returned alive; they just followed the command.

Some of the kinship struggled with what would happen when they caught up to their prey. Would they help the Anathema escape, or would they follow the orders of his father? Would they listen to the Immaculate teachings and just put down the enemy? These questions weighed on the kinship as they hunted their old friend.

They finally locate and corner the Anathema in a wasteland that was once a glorious city. There is nowhere to run and no option but to fight. In the heat of battle, the ground gives way, trapping the entire group underground in the lower levels of a long forgotten first age manse. Immediately, the group is under assault by a foe that does not discriminate between the two Exalt types. The Kinship and Solar must form a fragile alliance in order to survive and find their way back to the surface.

Story Seed: Salt

On the southern coast of the Inland Sea, the glittering glass city of Chiaroscuro dwells under an uneasy truce between the living and the dead.  The city of fallen towers is riddled with small-but-potent shadowlands, each encompassed by thick and vital salt lines that keep the dead contained, and the living citizens of the broken metropolis understand just how important those mystic barriers are.  But just as a new Sworn Kinship has arrived in the city – graciously allowed by Grandmother Bright to set up their quarters in the Plaza – someone has been tampering with the precious salt lines: laying down new corridors for the dead to travel, and leading them directly to supposed targets of assassination.  Nobles have been slain by hungry ghosts, and members of the Tri-Khan’s personal guard have been possessed by the dead.  In desperation, the Tri-Khan enlists the aid of the recently arrived Dragon-Bloods – members of a new southern Wyld Hunt – to find out exactly what is happening and bring a stop to it, but as they begin their investigation, they face opposition from a most unexpected source. 

Story Seed: Exploring a Lost World

Story Seed:  Exploring a Lost World

Concept: A strange island, long forgotten to time and memory, has suddenly and inexplicably resurfaced. Legends tell of artifacts and machines of supreme might lying dormant, of strange and eldritch powers waiting to be claimed. Few have heard the rumors of the island’s return, and even fewer place any credence in the story. But the promise of reward is too much for some noble Houses, and envoys are sent to plunder the unspoiled riches which sleep on the island.

Example:  Your House is a proud House. Small, but proud. But also small. Did we mention that it’s small? So, when rumors begin to circulate that the Caul has resurfaced, your House cannot afford not to send someone to investigate. Either your House’s bloodline has waned in the past years, or your resource pool has dimished. Regardless, the Caul holds power of such an extent, it can bring your House back into political and martial relevance.

Your group sets off on a merchant ship, under the guise of traders seeking new wares to peddle at the market. During your journey to the Caul, you are beset by pirates and rivals trying to reach the island before you can claim everything of value.

Once there, you set off into the untamed terrain, searching for whatever relics of the last age are still ripe for the taking. But there are other things waiting… Dread beasts of forgotten times, strange spirits who have harbored malice for far too long, and other nameless threats which haven’t ever been seen or heard of in the Realm’s long history. Can your party survive the denizens of the island and escape with the prize? Or will they succumb to fear and infighting, or be torn limb from limb by a feral Lunar seeking to settle some long-forgotten score?

Story Seed: Tale of Two Kingdoms

Story Seed :  Tale of Two Kingdoms

Concept:  There are two townships who have had minor skirmishes with each other in the past, but never open war.  Each side would show enough strength to save face, but each ruler knew that open war would ultimately destroy both kingdoms.  The Fair Folk are kept at bay by the combination of the peoples’ strength and each township’s god.  The Exalts find themselves holding each side at bay as the child of one of the monarchs has gone missing, and rumored to have been taken by the other.

Example:  The Sparkling Gem, before her union to Hamel, the Prince of Moza, played the harlot in her youth with Mok’La, Prince of the Land of Non. That night of passion brought her a son whose true lineage was kept a secret. Almost seventeen years later, Mok’La, now the King of Non, learned of this secret when his god refused to bless the son of his household.  The god of Non spoke to Mok’La saying, “This is not your firstborn, therefore I will not bestow my blessing on him.”  Upon learning the truth, Mok’La’s second born – who will forever be the Nameless One – attacked his father for denying him his birthright.  After the battle, the nameless son is dead, and Mok’La is mortally wounded, because the blessing of his god was withdrawn from him.

The Nameless One returns and haunts his father, torturing him even in death.  As word of the Nameless One grows, so does his power.  Mok’La passes into the underworld from infection and losing the will to continue. 

The Nameless One’s power grows, and the dead begin to attack the land of Non.  With no heir to the throne, chaos erupts. The Queen of Non prays to her god to stop her child’s assault.  “Bring me the child of your former husband,” is the answer she gets.  Knowing the truth, and fearing for her people, she sends out a group to take back the rightful heir to Non by kidnapping the illegitimate prince of Moza. 

The Exalts find themselves first trying to discover the whereabouts of the missing prince, then later confronting the original sin of the queen.  To make things more difficult, the missing prince wants to stay and be King of Non after learning the truth.  Will the King of Moza go to war with Non?  Will he discover the truth?  Will the Queen confess to her husband what she did over seventeen years ago?  Will the prince-king of Non go to war with his foster father?  Will the Fair Folk who whispered this sweet temptation to the queen seventeen years ago now make their move in the chaos they have created?  This story is yours to tell.