Character Seed: Glorious Revolutionary

Seed: Glorious Revolutionary

Concept: You grew up believing the Immaculate Philosophy, and were even slated to join their ranks. But something kept bothering you. Some of the teachings seemed almost… contradictory? But that couldn’t be. The church wouldn’t lie to all of creation, surely.

And then something clicked. You found a dusty book with radical thoughts in it; stories and legends which painted the Anathema in a sympathetic light. You asked questions of someone you trusted, seeking the truth. They betrayed you.

You were sentenced to be executed for heresy. They gave you one last chance to repent, but you stood by your convictions. And in the flames which were to take your life, the warm rays from the Unconquered Sun shone upon you. You survived your death sentence, but now the Wyld Hunt is hot on your heels, and you are still searching for the truth

Sample Character: “V”, former monk of the Immaculate Order

You grew up in a small farming village, which had a long tradition of religious service. While very few actually took vows of service to the Order itself, nearly all held extreme devotion to its tenets. So it was that you grew up revering those of the Order. While most of the village boys dreamed of being a Dynast and wielding great power and wealth, you dreamed of tearing the veil of ignorance from Creation, learning its secrets.

As you dove into the Immaculate texts, your first steps along the journey to priesthood seemed unerring. But something began to bother you… Some of what you read seemed to beg answers that were no where to be found. You wanted to ask questions, but something told you to wait, that it would be revealed to you.

On your fifteenth birthday, you took a trip to the nearby city of Glaringdell, a place renowned for its library. While not as expansive as those found anywhere on the Blessed Isle, it is nevertheless impressive for being found out in the Threshold. It was in the dusty aisles of the library where your answers were found: troubling revelations held within a small, black leather journal. Ramblings of a madman, surely. That the Dragon-blooded had their boots on the throat of Heaven, relegating worship when they have no right to do so. But what troubled you most of all, was the blatant claim that the Anathema were indeed the rightful rulers of Creation.

Horrified, you slammed shut the volume and quickly returned home. But the damage had been done. You knew what you read had been true. You confided in your childhood friend. But that same friend betrayed your trust, reporting you to the Order. Before you could flee town, you were accosted and tied to a stake, prepared for execution by burning.

You were read your crimes and asked if you would repent, but you stood stalwart in your newfound beliefs. The fire was lit, and as the flames began licking at your skin, a different kind of warmth suffused you. The Unconquered Sun himself deigned to Exalt you, and with a surge of Essence, you escaped your bonds and leapt into action. All who came against you fell beneath your righteous fury, and you set fire to the very same village you grew up in. And through the flames, you made eye contact with your friend, the betrayer. And then you fled, into the jungle, knowing the Wyld Hunt would be fast on your heels. You knew not where you were going, only that the truth was ahead of you, somewhere…

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Character Seed: Tempered Idealist

This character seed was sent in by listener Caffeine Delusions!

Concept:  Tempered Idealist

Seed:  Most societies have a common moral code, and some form of social hierarchy, but seldom does one perfectly align with the other. You were brought up in a position of good regard in your society’s structure, and from that lofty vantage you absorbed two things; a strong sense of your family’s legacy, and a set of ideals to live by. Whatever the role you were expected to fill, you reached for it out of a sense of duty, and because you could see how that role dovetailed with the things you believed… but as you began to pursue that legacy, you discovered others in your society stepping into the same role from a greater standing who did not share your sense of right and wrong. Conflicting with them and standing by your ideals cost you the chance to make your family proud… but it didn’t undermine your moral compass. You steeped in the shame of that loss for years, reinforcing your conviction that you had not made a mistake but merely a choice, before an occasion again presented itself to choose between following your role, or following your ideals. This time, you didn’t even pause to think and your decisive action drew the sun down upon you. Unlike that first test against your social betters, you won this time… and though they may drive you out of your home in retribution for making the right choice, your sleep is sound. You’ll find a new role one day that aligns with your beliefs, rather than forcing you to choose.

Sample Character:  V’Neef Eliyah

V’Neef Eliyah was born to an upper class Dynastic household. It had been expected by his Dragon-Blooded father that he would follow after his elder sister Elinara in the household’s military tradition, and for this reason he attended the House of Bells as a secondary school. There, he was praised for his natural aptitudes with tactics, archery, and weaponform, although he seemed to struggle with the curriculum’s hand to hand training, the rough pugilistic style running counter to his patient and considered attitude.

During his final year, he was placed upon the tactical advisory board for his side of the annual mock battle. A fellow tactical advisor by the name of Peleps Jukase sought to gain advantage over the opposition by using her recent Exaltation to intimidate the mortal campus janitorial staff into stealing the strategic notes of the opposing force. When Eliyah took notice of the exchange, he intervened, striking her when she raised a hand against the janitor. It proved to be quite a scandal; Jukase was excused by the faculty. Eliyah took failing marks for the mock battle and was forced into remediation. His betrothal to a peer from house Sesus (an Earth aspected student at the Heptagram named Kasala) who had already exalted was annulled, even against both of their wishes. His prospects for a future of distinction within the Legions went up in smoke.

To salve the damage to his family’s reputation, he took vows as an Immaculate Monk, and was there introduced to the initial understanding of martial arts by Sesus Korana (a relative of his former fiancee), with a specialization in the unenlightened forms of Golden Janissary Style.

Six years later, he had earned sufficient distinction to serve as a circuit monk for a year, wandering a route that took him through the city of Vespasian. On this circuit, he stopped for tea at an inn wherein a contingent of Dragon-Blooded soldiers had chosen to become drunken and rowdy. When the innkeeper objected to the way the soldiers were treating his employees and children, Eliyah intervened, delivering a stern lecture upon the Immaculate philosophy in accompaniment with a sterner beating.

When he realized that he’d knocked the company unconscious and Exalted to the Dawn, he fled, facing a crisis of faith. After sneaking in to the local Immaculate temple in the city and procuring a copy of their Golden Janissary training manual, he sought assistance from a local deity that he had been warned of as a troublemaker on his circuit… Eltabans, the Serpent Amid the Fields, who often shorted villagers on their expected harvest if they neglected to honor the Incarnae in the measure proscribed by the Immaculate Order, if not more. Eltabans helped Eliyah evade capture and flee the Blessed Isle, as well as offered him instruction in his first supernatural martial art; Snake style. He still maintains honorific prayers to his Sifu, occasionally requesting additional instruction.

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Character Seed: Village Champion

This character seed was sent in by listener Mike (AngelWick)!

Concept:  Village Champion

Seed:  A traumatic childhood conditioned you to be cold and emotionless to the outside world.  Very few know how to break down your walls and see the real you.  You embrace this brooding visage by climbing the ranks of your village’s royal guard.  Your skills in hand-to-hand combat know no peer.  You use your speed and agility to make up for what you lack in brute strength. Your cold and emotionless stature, though only a front to the true you, has bent the knee of many a foe both in combat and at the interrogation table.  The touch of the Unconquered Sun forced you to break down the thick walls you built within yourself so that you might become greater than the empty shell you appear to be.

Sample Character:  Vera Saffron

Born from parents of unusually large stock for the eastern jungle settlements, Vera has always been one of the tall kids who towers over everyone else her age.  Children will of course be inhumanly cruel to anyone different from themselves, not fully grasping the consequences of their horridly immature behavior.

One day, during her pre-teen years, the bullying she had endured her entire life took a traumatic turn as the gang of her most sinister tormenters harried her through the jungles surrounding her Ba’ani village, and carelessly surrounded her in a ring of fire, which quickly began to close in on her in the dry, dead leaves lining the forest floor.  Her screams of terror caught the ear of her village temple’s favored golden calf, Prince Shining Water Aneru, who – in a moment of defiance – forced his contingent of bodyguards to chase him through the forest to their source.  The appearance of the prince was enough to scare the bullies away.  Aneru ordered his bodyguards to rescue the frightened child or be forced to explain to the king and queen why their only son has been harmed by fire.  The guards quickly complied to their prince’s orders.

During the rescue, Vera had passed out in terror.  When she came to, she was face to face with her prince.  It was love at first sight for them both.  Vera’s injuries from that day were trivial at best, nothing the royal healers couldn’t handle.  Once her health returned, Vera returned to her normal life as a commoner. She and Aneru kept their childhood romance a secret as best they could.

As Vera got older and more mature, she learned how to use her size to her advantage.  She quickly climbed the ranks of Ba’ani warriors and earner high marks for her skills at hand-to-hand combat.  She took to wearing a mask to hide the terror that sometimes crosses her face when confronted with a most challenging adversary; the terrors of a traumatizing childhood sometimes run very deep.  When Aneru’s eighteenth birthday drew near, he personally requested to have Vera enlisted as part of his personal escort that would take him through the jungle for what he believed would be his coming of age ceremony and to receive blessings from the local gods.

When Wisened Bower attacked the Ba’ani delegation and set fire to the surrounding jungle, the flames sent Vera into a primal hysteria as memories of her childhood torment came flooding back to her from all those years ago.  As the flames grew and started to come towards her, her instincts told her to flee for safety rather than stay to protect her beloved Aneru.

It was while Vera was fleeing that she received a visit from the Unconquered Sun.  He urged his new child to rise above her past and defend her love, her land, and her world from the threat of the Fair Folk and all who would oppress Creation.  When Vera returned to the sight of the blaze, tempered by the light and the strength of a Solar Exalted, the battle had nearly already ended. Aneru lay unconscious on the forest floor.  From the cover of the trees Vera saw a mysterious woman retrieve a green stone from the ground.  Is that Aneru laying there?  What happened to his tattoos?  Is he Okay?

It all happened so quickly.  Just as Vera was about to reveal herself to the woman and demand some answers, the woman disappeared into the trees.  Vera tried to follow her for as long as she could, but she lost her quickly.  Once Vera lost the mystery woman, she turned her attention back to Aneru, only to find Wizened Bower standing before her. The last thing she remembers before losing consciousness was Bower bellowing the words “Be gone, witch!”

Aneru and Vera exalted at nearly the same time.  However, Vera was deep within the cover of the thick jungle, a good distance away from the fire.  It is possible that Wisened Bower sensed both exaltations and confused them as one single powerful Second Breath.  What else would explain Aneru’s body reforming from ashes like the phoenix that is now his namesake?

Vera blames Bower for Aneru’s current fate.  She’s still hunting for the mysterious woman to find answers.

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Character Seed: Unforgivable Debtor

Concept: Unforgivable Debtor

Character Seed:  You were a decent person. You served your leaders in the town militia, but due to age requirements or peaceful times, they didn’t need you anymore.  You returned to family life, but found it difficult to profit from your unique set of skills.  You tried being a bouncer and even a caravan guard, but the pay didn’t make up for the risk, and your homestead suffered while you were away. Then you took a loan from a powerful crime organization.  When you were unable to pay back the loan, they took advantage of your talents and forced you into a life of crime.  When you had enough, you tried to leave the criminal lifestyle, but your employers dragged you back through blackmail and manipulation. Growing tired of your lack of cooperation, they set you up, exposing your criminal acts to the authorities and your family.  Facing arrest and rejection, you must flee for your life.  That is the moment the Unconquered Sun gifts you with the abilities to get away.  Now he is the only thing you have left.

Sample Character: Seamus the Fallen

Seamus served in the armies of the Blessed Isle for many years, but failing to Exalt caused his superiors to push him to the side and demand he return to civilian life.  He struggled at home, finding other work difficult.  Out of desperation, he borrowed money from The Network, an underground criminal organization. When he couldn’t repay his debt, they found other ways for him to repay them. His first assignment was to assassinate a certain business leader’s competition.  He got a little jade out of the deal, but the rest went toward paying his debt.

His debt forced him to continue to take jobs, but he was always able to explain where the money was coming from. His wife was suspicious, but willingly turned a blind eye, not wanting to know the truth.  After a year, she discovered that he was involved in something illegal, and he swore to her that he would give up that life.

Seamus tried to leave The Network, but it only made life more difficult.  They threatened to kidnap his children or assault his wife and her family, and he couldn’t be everywhere at once to ensure their protection.

His reputation within the Network continued to grow, and many of the high-ranked members began to consider him for a promotion.  These rumors angered Sha’Mock who Seamus would replace.

Fearing that Seamus would eventually overthrow him, Sha’Mock offered him a way out of the Network.  After one last target, all his debts would be paid off.  It would be over and he would be free.  He took the job, not knowing Sha’Mock hated him and was setting him up. The target was Sha’Mock’s own father, a wealthy leader whose estate would fall to his wayward criminal son. Not only was Sha’Mock going destroy Seamus’s career with The Network, he was going to destroy his family as well, and so he made sure that Seamus’s wife was in the perfect location to witness her husband commit the murder.

After the deed, Seamus ran for his life, as the men of the Imperial Army beside which he had once served were trying to end his life.  They hated him, his town hated him, and even his wife hated him.  There was nothing left.  The Unconquered Sun Exalted Seamus during the pursuit.  He gave him the ability to hide in plain sight, and he escaped hundreds of trained Dragon-Blooded troops.  He fled to Lookshy, leaving the Blessed Isle and his former life behind.

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Character Seed: Fugitive Wife

Concept: Fugitive Wife 

Seed: You were the third trophy wife of a powerful noble.  You attended all the state functions, took care of his needs, and even bore him children.  For a few years, you lived the perfect life of a princess, but then his attention was caught by another pretty young face, and you realized that your time was short.  Rather than let that pig end your life on account of his lust – as you had since learned that he did with the two women before you – you decided to escape while there was still time.  You took what wealth you could smuggle out with you, got yourself far away from there, and learned how to take care of yourself.  The Unconquered Sun blessed you in these efforts with the priceless gift of Exaltation.  Now you are hunted on account of that also, but you have already learned how to evade your captors and put an end to those who get too close.

Sample Character: Kaeloh the Widow Hopeful

Kaeloh was captured, along with a good many others of her people, by desert raiders when she was a child.  Sold into slavery in the city of Gem, she grew up serving in a wealthy household as cook and housekeeper.  When she reached an age where she could be considered a young woman instead of just a girl, the Despot of Gem took notice of her and purchased her freedom from the family she had served, making her his third wife.

She bore the Despot a son and a daughter over the next few years, and was actually so content with her life that she was happy for the first time since the raiders took her.  But then she noticed her husband paying a great deal of attention to the daughter of one of his courtiers, and she began to fear for her life.  The palace cook, her closest confidant, confirmed her fears when she asked about the Despot’s former wives.  So Kaeloh decided to escape the palace to save her own life.  Leaving her children in the care of their nannies, she took as much gold and precious stones as she could carry and snuck out under cover of darkness with the cook’s help.

She made her way across the southern desert to the city of Chiaroscuro, where she learned how to use her beauty and her growing disregard for the sanctity of life to kill wealthy men with a penchant for flesh.  Each mark gave her a sort of vengeful satisfaction, and the Unconquered Sun seemed to agree, as he Exalted her to the Eclipse Caste during a dinner party with one of the Tri-Khan’s most prominent nobles.  And now she wants to return to Gem to put a permanent end to her creep of a husband, and take back her children.

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Character Seed: Unrefined Commander

Concept: Unrefined Commander

Seed:  You were once an unscrupulous character, but through an unlikely sequence of events, you “accidentally” get lauded as a hero.  Seen by many as a decent person, you now have to retrain yourself to fulfill a role for which you aren’t suited.  Exaltation occurs during a very heroic moment where you make a sacrifice to save others, or else you are given the power by the Unconquered Sun to defeat the enemies you face.

Sample Character: Riley Lawman

Rilo the Merciless was a low-life bandit when he entered the town of Dusty Sping.  Looking to advance to the higher payout of the con-game, he marked his target Tobias Judd.  When on his way to collect the ill-gotten gain, Rilo noticed members of the Open Hand gang had beat him to his mark. Furious that someone was going to steal what was his, he attacked the thugs and ran them out of town.  Tobias was overjoyed at his new acquaintance’s heroic deed and announced Rilo’s heroic efforts to the entire town and got him installed as Sheriff.

Four year later, the Open Hand returned and attacked the town, kidnapping the Sheriff – who was now known by his birth name Riley – along with five young women.  After roughing them up, the Open Hand strung up all five women on a hastily constructed gallows, and told Riley that if he could shoot the ropes around the women’s necks, they would be set free.  They handed him an old looking handheld firewand.  Riley’s first shot hit the rope, but the blast also took the life of the young woman.  While the gang laughed, Riley was stricken with both grief and anger.  Squeezing the old dusty weapon in his hand, he felt a presence outside of himself washing him with power as if the sun itself was feeding his rage.  The rust coating the firewand began to fade, revealing that it was just an illusion that hid its true nature.  The weapon revealed itself to be made from the finest of blue jade as Riley poured a bit of himself into the firewand.  Like a flash of lightning, Riley reloaded the piece and fired it point blank into the face of the closest thug.  Before the other men could react, he fired again and again, dropping a total of three bandits. 

The remaining members of the Open Hand raised their hands and began to back away slowly.  Riley pointed “The Liberator” – as it would later be known – at the neck ties around the women and fired one shot splitting all four ropes.  There wasn’t a scratch on any one of them.  Riley then proceeded to interrogate the remaining men, trying to find who was responsible for the order to attack Dusty Sping.  He didn’t get the name of the man at the top, but he did get a starting point.  After finishing off the bandits and leading the women to safety, Riley left his deputy in charge and set out looking for justice.

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Character Seed: Aborted Sacrifice

Concept: Aborted Sacrifice 

Seed: Living the first eighteen years of life in absolute pampered luxury, you were given everything you could possibly desire.  You were raised as royalty, and as far as you knew, that was the only reason for the opulence of your life.  The village/kingdom had a completely different understanding, however.  They had pampered you throughout your life because you were being prepared as a sacrifice to some dark or alien power for the protection of the village/kingdom.  You receive the Unconquered Sun’s exaltation during the sacrifice ceremony, however, and that changes everything.

Sample Character: Mendicant Phoenix

Known in his pampered youth as Shining Water Aneru, he had no idea that his people, the Ba’ani, had prepared him his whole life to be a sacrifice to the Fair Folk on his eighteenth birthday.  Upon later reflection, that would explain why his parents, the king and queen, had always been distant and unloving.  Every 200 days since the day he was born, Aneru received a new tattoo on a previously uncovered portion of his skin, all depicting scenes of joy in his people’s small jungle kingdom, but he had no choice in the matter, and for all his wealth and privilege, he never felt the joy that was displayed on his body.

When the time came for his sacrifice, something went very wrong.  A seemingly crazy old man ambushed the delegation of priests – accompanied by the still clueless Aneru – in the dense jungle.  He described their actions as barbaric and feeding the evil outside of Creation.  This was the first time that Aneru learned the truth about his life.  During the fight that ensued, the Fair Folk delegation also arrived and joined in the melee, attacking both sides and hoping for an ever larger meal.  Aneru tried to crawl away through the jungle, but he received a blinding vision from the Unconquered Sun telling him to be his instrument of righteousness.  As the vision faded, the last light of the image settled on a large green gem a few feet away.  Behind him, fire was now raging in the trees and foliage.  He reached out with his arm and a new source of power he could feel within him and grasped the stone just as the fire caught in his shoes and pants.

Aneru burned as the jungle and the priests and even some of the Fair Folk burned.  It was some time later before he finally regained consciousness, and when he did, the crazy old man was standing over him, and his body was pale and pink and completely devoid of tattoos!  The old man explained to him that his body had been reduced to ash, but that it slowly reformed.  The old man became his mentor and sifu, training him in the Golden Janissary Style of martial arts to fight the evil from outside Creation.  Aneru left his old name and his people behind and chose a new name, Mendicant Phoenix, and began to cover his body in new tattoos, this time of his own accomplishments.  The green stone, however, could not be found in the jungle, but Mendicant Phoenix can still feel it attached to him, and throughout his adventures, he searches for it still.

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Character Seed: Right Hand to the Prince

Concept: Right Hand to the Prince

Seed: You come across a land in your travels that seems to have all but wasted away into insignificance.  Through some arcane discovery, however, or through careful use of your power, you are able to rekindle a dying economy and infrastructure.  Rather than take the reigns of the rebuilt kingdom yourself, though, you ensconces yourself into the renewed nobility and become the right hand to the prince, controlling the kingdom from the sidelines and the shadows.

Sample Character: Jareth

After his exaltation, Jareth wandered creation, trying to find his place in it all. That’s when he found the village of Solstice, nestled between two large, snow-capped mountains. It was a small farming village, boasting a population of no more than thirty, but that wasn’t what drew him. The ancient walls of Fort Solstice stood abutted against the western-most mountain, built into the side of the rock and scree.

Jareth spent severals days exploring its depths: a standard layout for a frontier fort, but with a series of winding tunnels leading to various places within the heart of the mountain.  He suspected that he had stumbled upon an ancient manse, and he felt something calling him from deep within. He eventually located the hearthstone in a secret chamber, and once he attuned himself to it, he felt the warm flow of Essence as it immediately began transforming the lands around the manse.

The harvest that year was unlike any other. Within the next two years, Solstice had grown from thirty inhabitants to more than a hundred and fifty. Jareth felt he finally knew what he was meant to do. Through a series of subtleties and maneuvering, he convinced the people of the valley to elect a king, which they gladly did, albeit according to his will. He then insinuated himself into the royal household as a seneschal – a high-level advisor.  Under his guidance, Solstice today wields a growing amount of power in the region, but with power comes envy, and every day Jareth tries to stay ahead of those that would see this power be used for ill gain.

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Character Seed: Forsaken Idol

Grizzled WarriorConcept: Forsaken Idol

Seed: Prior to exaltation, you were an influential person in your homeland.  Then, in a dramatic moment, sudden exaltation allows you to save many lives, and your fame and honor among the people reaches the heights of near-worship.  At this point, the government in the land turns on you and disowns or forsakes you.  Now banished, but not forgotten, you accrue a following among your former people, and they set you as ruler over themselves, forcing a direct conflict with their kin.

Sample Character: General Jun Wu

General Jun Wu was the most decorated military officer in his nation’s history.  His reputation among his men was almost divine.  He had never lost a single battle.  Ten years ago, he had even led his forces to victory against a fair folk incursion at their nation’s border – something that had never been accomplished by any Remiran militia since the founding of the city-state.  But on the 13th of Ascending Air in RY 767, Remirak’s greatest mortal general was elevated above his own mortality into the ranks of gods and legends.

Remirak has no ties with the Scarlet Empire, but the Immaculate Philosophy holds a powerful sway over many lands that the Ten Thousand Dragons would never be able to control directly.  General Jun Wu was branded an anathema, stripped of his rank, and exiled from his homeland as soon as word of his mighty deeds reached the reigning prince’s ears.  His men would not allow him to retreat quietly, though.  A full five hundred of his best soldiers followed him as he walked the road east out of Remirak, their families and possessions borne with them, bound to whatever fate the Unconquered Sun had laid on Jun Wu’s shoulders.

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Character Seed: Abused Weaponsmith

Young blacksmithConcept: Abused Weaponsmith

Seed: Once a highly-skilled iron worker toiling away as an under- appreciated slave for a wealthy family, you were brought to a point of crisis one evening when the master sought to punish you viciously for an embarrassment caused by one of your creations.  The Unconquered Sun’s exaltation was bestowed on you at the very moment when you would be maimed or killed by the wrath of the master.  Choices made in that moment have defined you ever since.

Sample Character: Kamasai “Kama” The Soul Forged in Living Flame

Kamasai’s eyes were opened by an exaltation into the Twilight Caste, and he immediately was able to see through eyes of essence.  What he noticed first was that the magical flame that had burned in the heart of his forge was in actuality a bound fire elemental.  Instinctively, and without conscious thought, he reached out to it with the newly granted power of his solar anima and bound it instead to his will.

After fleeing his former master and the rest of the household, Kamasai and his new fire elemental friend Arrack spent some time in the wilderness, trying to survive.  Arrack taught Kama the rudiments of manipulating essence, to which he was a quick study.  Now they are ready to make their mark on the world together after two lifetimes of servitude.

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