Character Seed: Glorious Revolutionary

Seed: Glorious Revolutionary

Concept: You grew up believing the Immaculate Philosophy, and were even slated to join their ranks. But something kept bothering you. Some of the teachings seemed almost… contradictory? But that couldn’t be. The church wouldn’t lie to all of creation, surely.

And then something clicked. You found a dusty book with radical thoughts in it; stories and legends which painted the Anathema in a sympathetic light. You asked questions of someone you trusted, seeking the truth. They betrayed you.

You were sentenced to be executed for heresy. They gave you one last chance to repent, but you stood by your convictions. And in the flames which were to take your life, the warm rays from the Unconquered Sun shone upon you. You survived your death sentence, but now the Wyld Hunt is hot on your heels, and you are still searching for the truth

Sample Character: “V”, former monk of the Immaculate Order

You grew up in a small farming village, which had a long tradition of religious service. While very few actually took vows of service to the Order itself, nearly all held extreme devotion to its tenets. So it was that you grew up revering those of the Order. While most of the village boys dreamed of being a Dynast and wielding great power and wealth, you dreamed of tearing the veil of ignorance from Creation, learning its secrets.

As you dove into the Immaculate texts, your first steps along the journey to priesthood seemed unerring. But something began to bother you… Some of what you read seemed to beg answers that were no where to be found. You wanted to ask questions, but something told you to wait, that it would be revealed to you.

On your fifteenth birthday, you took a trip to the nearby city of Glaringdell, a place renowned for its library. While not as expansive as those found anywhere on the Blessed Isle, it is nevertheless impressive for being found out in the Threshold. It was in the dusty aisles of the library where your answers were found: troubling revelations held within a small, black leather journal. Ramblings of a madman, surely. That the Dragon-blooded had their boots on the throat of Heaven, relegating worship when they have no right to do so. But what troubled you most of all, was the blatant claim that the Anathema were indeed the rightful rulers of Creation.

Horrified, you slammed shut the volume and quickly returned home. But the damage had been done. You knew what you read had been true. You confided in your childhood friend. But that same friend betrayed your trust, reporting you to the Order. Before you could flee town, you were accosted and tied to a stake, prepared for execution by burning.

You were read your crimes and asked if you would repent, but you stood stalwart in your newfound beliefs. The fire was lit, and as the flames began licking at your skin, a different kind of warmth suffused you. The Unconquered Sun himself deigned to Exalt you, and with a surge of Essence, you escaped your bonds and leapt into action. All who came against you fell beneath your righteous fury, and you set fire to the very same village you grew up in. And through the flames, you made eye contact with your friend, the betrayer. And then you fled, into the jungle, knowing the Wyld Hunt would be fast on your heels. You knew not where you were going, only that the truth was ahead of you, somewhere…

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