Character Seed: Spoiled Scion of a Noble House

Concept: Spoiled Scion of a Noble House

Seed: You’re the child of one of the Dynastic Houses of the Empire, whose head is one of the most celebrated and feared sorcerers in the Realm and a long-time professor at the Heptagram on the Isle of Voices. You were groomed from birth to follow in his footsteps (and to take part in his unorthodox studies). After Primary School you were a shoe-in for the Heptagram, Exalting around the age of 15. There you found quite an easy grasp of Terrestrial Circle Sorcery and your sire couldn’t be more pleased. He had always kept you closer to him than most Dynastic parents did their young. He had always wanted you to be a part of his special project. Your respect for your father led you to embrace his plans unquestioningly, and so he introduced you to the others he had pulled together from around Creation to find the pieces of his grand puzzle.

Sample Character: Ledaal Kebok Janson

Janson was born into House Ledaal and has known privilege and luxury his entire life. His father, Ledaal Kebok Omeger, was one of the most powerful practitioners of the sorcerous arts, and fully intended for his son to follow in his footsteps. Omeger spared no expense when it came to his scion’s training. The one thing Janson strove for in all aspects of his life was the love and admiration of his father – a withholding individual.

Janson exalted at the age of fifteen, taking on the aspect of air. He was immediately granted tutelage in the Heptagram, where a seat had been held for him the past three years. He quickly overtook his peers, much to the delight of his father. That was the first time Janson felt anything akin to open love from his father. And it vanished almost immediately.

No matter how much Janson excelled, his father always expected him to do better. Janson turned to inward brooding, shutting out his already small circle of friends. He became the subject of much derision amongst his fellow students, and was constantly the butt of some joke or prank. He took up practicing with the daiklave he was gifted on his name day, training for the day he would set things right.

Janson swore that he would show them – show his father. He would become the single greatest sorcerer Creation had ever seen, and then his father would have to be proud of him.

He would make him be proud…

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